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While incinerators used to be the norm for disposing of waste, landfills have become more popular as time has gone on. However, at AR Boring, we know that there are many benefits to incineration over sending your waste to a landfill. In countries across the world, incineration is the preferred method to dispose of garbage that cannot be reused or recycled due to several reasons:

  • Energy. Incinerated waste has been shown in several countries to contribute in a big way to producing energy.
  • Efficiency. Incinerators help with matters of efficiency through making it easier to dispose of your waste ∗no trips to a landfill necessary∗ and through diverting the amount of waste that has to be transported to a landfill.
  • Space. While landfills take up surface area, an incinerator is in the ground in your space and takes up very little space despite the fact that you can use it for decades to come.
  • Methane. Landfills produce mass amounts of methane, which is a greenhouse gas known to contribute to climate change. Incinerators cut down on the amount of methane released into the air.

Other Services

Large bore drilling to include but not limited to:

  • Incinerators
  • Cisterns
  • Water Disposal
  • Leach Field
  • Billboard, Flagpole, Light Pole Base
  • and much more…


 Everybody can benefit

Another benefit to boring for an incinerator is that they are beneficial to almost every rural group. Whether you are a farm, a dairy, a veterinary clinic, or a home out of city limits, an incinerator can be useful to you.

Our Equipment

Our bucket diameter sizes include:

  • 22 in
  • 33 in
  • 46 in
  • 50 in

We also have the capability to reem the whole diameter to any size 22 inches to 60 inches. Our rig has a max depth of 9o feet.


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